Easy way to get captions from OPENLOAD

Hi distressed person! Like you I have been through this problem of how can I get to download subtitles from openload. I  had searched a lot of sites regarding how you can download subtitles from openload however, no good results were shown or some were too complex for my little mind to even comprehend lol.
So if you are okay with extending a little bit of an effort to get those subs, I’ll share my own experience on how miraculously got it. If you have questions, just put it in the comment box below.
Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert with any computer languages, i’m just sharing my own experience 🙂
Good luck!
So first of all, you are in that site of openload with the video you wanted to watch. However, the subs aren’t easy to get. well, just follow these steps below:
  1. Open that page’s source simply by left click —> view page source or just simply (Ctrl+U)
  2. then press Ctrl+F and find captions
  3. you’ll see something like thissource
  4. that is the link which is the source of your video’s subtitle. So just click it. I don’t know if other openload videos also have .vtt as extension for their subtitles but this is the one in my case.
5. left click again and choose “save page as”
6. then you already have the webvtt version of the subtitle that you need. If your computer supports this version for subtitles then you are good to go! Congratulations!(Well, even if I already downloaded this version, it didn’t run on my computer at first lol so I still did a bit more to finally convert it to srt)
so if it still didn’t run on your video player, you can add a little bit of an effort and follow the steps below:
  1. The thing that I used is a free site which generates vtt files. Just go to http://www.vttcaptions.com/  and click caption generator
  2. Import the file you downloaded from the subtitle’s source
  3. Click download captions vtt file
  4. There are many sites which convert vtt files into srt ones just choose whichever you want. But in case you are asking, I used https://gotranscript.com/subtitle-converter to convert the vtt file to srt
  5. Once you got your srt file, you are already good to go! Congratulations!
Well, I do really hope I helped you. Enjoy watching your video with subtitles now!
I will really appreciate any message of thanks in the comments below just to know whether I helped you.
Have a good day!
1. Open the page, Ctrl+U
2. Ctrl+F and type src
Roll down & find link https://openload.co/embed/4rOEFmxKL6U
(the code after /embed/ will be unique for each movie)
Click this link.
3. Mark/chose again ‘src’ or ‘vtt’.
4. Find the line with the link similar to this:

(vtt – indicates subtitles; another languages, if available, will be shown in separate lines.)
5. Right-click the link and select: ‘save this on disk as’ or alike.
6. The window pops out – chose where to save and change the name that it matches with the movie. Type dot (.) and srt as the extension. (e.g.: The Assasin.srt) Save it as ‘all files’ and never as text file.
7. Yours subtitles in srt format are ready.

Openload Fast Downloader

This will allow you to download openload mp4’s much faster than direct from the site using youtube-dl and aria2

1. Install chocolately
Open CMD

 -NoProfile -InputFormat None -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command “iex ((New-Object
 System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(‘https://chocolatey.org/install.ps1’))” &&

choco install youtube-dl

choco install aria2

2. Create download batch file
Paste this in a .bat file
@echo off
set /p var1=”Url? ” && youtube-dl -f best !var1! –external-downloader aria2c –external-downloader-args “-j 16 -s 16 -x 16 -k 2M”

For embedded video urls in Firefox
Right Click on Embedded Video > This Frame > Show Only This Frame > Copy URL from address bar

Install gdrive to upload to Google Drive from Seedbox: Seedhost.eu SSH Session

gdrive installation

Please log on to your account via SSH. Go to the page https://github.com/prasmussen/gdrive#downloads and copy Linux 64-bit download link. Now download gdrive file via SSH
wget -O ~/gdrive https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B3X9GlR6EmbnQ0FtZmJJUXEyRTA&export=download
Please replace download URL in the command above.

Now add an executable permission
chmod +x gdrive

Now install gdrive
if ! grep -w "PATH=$HOME/bin" ~/.bashrc ; then mkdir -p ~/bin && echo "PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH" >> ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc ; fi

install gdrive ~/bin && rm -f ~/gdrive

Now you need to authorize your gdrive to access your Google Drive account. Type the command given below, in the output you will get your authentication URL. Copy it and paste in your web browser, then copy your verifitaction code and paste it into SSH.
gdrive list

That’s all. You have just installed and configured gdrive. You are able to download and upload to your Google Drive disc.
To get gdrive help use:
gdrive help

To get help with the download command:
gdrive help download

To get help with the upload command:
gdrive help upload

To get help with any other command use:
gdrive help [command]

via https://www.seedhost.eu/whmcs/knowledgebase/250/gdrive-installation.html

Nova Launcher Button Gone? : How to Restore the Missing App Drawer Icon in Nova Launcher

I installed Nova launcher on my NoxPlayer Android emulator but I could not figure out how to get the App Drawer Icon back that disappeared and was just gone and missing. This blog post below helped and all the credit goes to them for the fix.

Repost Via:http://valuestuffz.blogspot.com/2015/12/restore-missing-app-drawer-icon-android-launcher.html

A lot of Android users install third party launchers like Apex, Nova, GO, Google Now, Trebuchet and so on. Many times, users accidentally delete the app drawer(launcher) icon which is the circular button at the center of the bottom of the home screen (dock) which gives you access to all of your apps. Losing this icon means you can’t access the app drawer. However this is a simple issue. You can easily get back the missing app launcher icon. This post will show you how to fix/restore the missing app launcher icon on android:

App launcher icon missing on Nova launcher homescreen
Missing App launcher icon on home screen dock

App drawer icon or button is basically the circle with dots which when clicked lets you see all of your apps or app drawer. The app drawer icon is on the homescreen dock, usually at the middle of the bottom of the homescreen. When the app launcher button is not locked, users can sometimes accidentally drag it to another homescreen. So the first thing to do if that happens, is to swipe through your home screens and look for the icon, and then drag it back to its original place. If you have dragged the icon to the top, then it will be deleted (removed). In that case, you will need to restore the app launcher icon. To get back the missing app drawer icon (button) on your home screen, follow the below methods for each launcher- NOVA, GO, Trebuchet and Apex launcher.

Fix: Restore missing app drawer icon in Nova launcher

For NOVA launcher users the steps to restore or get back missing app drawer icon/button are as follows:

  1. Tap and hold (long press) on an empty space on your home screen
  2. Select “Widgets”
  3. From Nova Launcher widgets, long press “Nova Action”
  4. You will now be taken to the home screen
  5. Select “App drawer”
  6. Drag the App drawer icon to its original place on the home screen 

Fix: Restore Go launcher missing app drawer icon

Follow these steps to get back app drawer icon on Go launcher the home screen

    Tap on an empty space on your home screen for a few seconds. Now some message will pop up.

  1. Select “Launcher actions” >> press “open/close app drawer”. 
  2. Now you will see have the app drawer icon/button on the homescreen.
  3. Drag the app drawer button to its original spot.

Here’s another method to restore app drawer icon for Go launcher user 

  1. Tap and hold on any empty spot on your home screen.
  2. Select “Add” > Then select “Go shortcut” >> Appdrawer
  3. Select “OK”. 
  4. Now you will see the app drawer icon which you can drag anywhere.

For 2015 version of Go Launcher 

  1. Long press on the lower dock (where the app drawer icon was originally located)
  2. Select “Default icon” >> A list of default icons will be displayed
  3. Now select the app drawer icon and it will be added

Fix Apex launcher app drawer icon missing

Here are the steps to restore/ get back app drawer icon on Apex launcher users 

  1. Long press on homescreen
  2. Select “Apex Actions” >> Add to Home Screen
  3. Select “App Drawer”
  4. Now the app drawer icon will appear on the homescreen
  5. Drag the icon/button to the homescreen dock

Fix Trebuchet app drawer icon/ button missing

Many custom ROMs like Cynogenmod has Trebuchet setup as default launcher. If your app drawer icon is missing on Trebuchet here are the steps to get it back: 

  1. Go to Settings >> Apps 
  2. Scroll down and select “Trebuchet”
  3. Tap “clear data”
  4. Now your launcher is set to default

If that didn’t resolve the issue, you can try installing another third party launcher like Nova. 

Final method:

Uninstalling and reinstalling your launcher will also resolve the issue. However, you will lose your homescreen icons so you will have to set it up again. Simply go to settings >> apps >> scroll down and select the name of your launcher >> tap “uninstall”. Then go back to Google Play and re-install the launcher. Now you will get your app drawer icon back in your homescreen dock. 

That’s it. Even If you use other launchers apart from the ones mentioned above, you can use similar methods to restore missing app drawer/launcher icon on your home screen.

Freezing in Photoshop CC 2018 after using Camera RAW Filter

Photoshop CC 2018 is working fine when loading JPEG files or previous PSD fiiles. BUT while opening RAW files in Camera RAW and opening a Smart Object in the Camera RAW filter and allowing them to be worked on, in both cases, on re-importing to Photoshop, the program freezes, and the only way out is via closing the program with the Task manger. (Working in Windows 8.1) Similarly, Adobe Bridge freezes after opening a file in Camera RAW and then trying to use the file or open it elsewhere.  No problems before upgrading to the 2018 version.

In Preferences there are two areas where you can disable the GPU. I had previously tried disabling the GPU in the Photoshop preferences, but it had no effect – and I didn’t really want to do that because I wanted the benefit of it in Photoshop. You can still leave the GPU enabled in the main Photoshop performance settings.

Go to Preferences>Camera Raw. At the bottom of that window there is a box headed Performance where you can enable/disable Graphics Processor. Disable it. Problem solved!
via https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2399411

Additional Logon Information May Be Required Popup – Windows 7 using Pi-hole Fix

So I use pi-hole to block most ads at the router level with DNS, but this upsets windows 7 because it uses a DNS lookup to make sure we are not on a hotspot.

So even though I connect to my main internet I get this popup:

Here is how to fix this through the registry:

We can navigate to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetservicesNlaSvcParametersInternet, and then double-click the EnableActiveProbing, and change the Value date to 0.

So I think this happens because:
To be clever, Windows then performs a DNS lookup on its own website. The hotspot will resolve the address, even though it won’t let you access the site. In this case, Windows then concludes you are at such a hotspot and pops up the “additional log on information may be required” message.”
– And since Pi-hole is a DNS based ad block it breaks it much like a hotspot

Migration from Multibit HD to Electrum

Use breadwallet on mobile or you have to manually or otherwise extract the private keys from your MultiBit HD wallet/seed… 

Automated (but technical) method requiring use of python scripts: https://github.com/HardCorePawn/multibit_recovery

Manual method:
– Create offline version of https://iancoleman.github.io/bip39/– Put in your MultiBit HD seed
– Set Derivation Path -> BIP32
– Set Client = “MultiBit HD”
– Copy all the address/private keys (click show more until you are sure you have more than all the addresses you ever used)
– Set Client = “Custom” -> Set Derivation Path = m/0’/1
– Copy all the change addresses/private keys (click show more until you are sure you have more than all the addresses you ever used)

Once you have all your private keys:
– In Electrum -> New/Restore -> Standard Wallet -> Create a new seed
– Once wallet is created, “Wallet -> Private Keys -> Sweep”
– Paste in all the private keys you got from automated or manual method
You should now have all your coins in an Electrum HD Wallet.

via http://archive.is/pQ2tx#selection-1951.0-1950.38

Fixing Enter Key opening up Power OptionsEdit Plan Settings in Windows

My cats walked on my keyboard and I was unable to use the Enter Key. This post helped me fix it:

Every time I press the Enter key, a Control Panel window opens to the Edit Plan Settings menu.
Why is the Power Options menu opening every time I press Enter?
Power management options
You most likely opened the Windows Mobility Center on accident with ⊞ Win+X.
The Enter key will open the Power Options menu while the Mobility Center window is focused. The key should function normally after closing the window.