Free .DAA to .ISO Converter GUI daa2iso

I Tried to figure out how to mount a .DAA file. I was pointed to a free DAA-to-ISO converter by Luigi Auriemna. It’s a nice tool, and has its own GUI that replaces its previous command-line only exe.


Converter Features (by Luigi Auriemna)
  • Converts DAA archives to ISO files. You can then burn the ISO file to a CD or DVD with one of the many freeware tools (e.g. ImgBurn) or whatever. Nearly 100% of CD/DVD software support the ISO format.
  • Supports multipart DAA files.
  • Takes care of all the command-line stuff.
  • Simple Windows interface 
  • Doesn’t require installation – just extract the .zip file somewhere and run daa2iso.exe

Download DAA to ISO converter

Download : from this page.