Adguard ad blocker for non rooted android phones

So I got a new android phone, a xaiomi redmi note 9t, and I am currently unable to root it, so my standard plan of using AdAway (which requires root) was twarted. I started to look around at what options I had as an unrooted adblocker. I have used DNS ad blockers in the past but I decided to try something new that I have never used before.
I stumbled my way onto Adguard and had heard good things about their windows app so I decided to give their trial a go on my Android.
So far i really like the fleshed out features of the program, I like that it has both private DNS filtering and vpn filtering. This along with it’s system ad blocker seems to work great on my Android.
I now can use my Chrome browser and not be inundated with all the Google ads that they cram in every search. YouTube is also much more pleasant to watch now with out all these ads forcing their way into my eyeballs.
Many of my games that were filled with ads are now way more tolerable as well and that is all thanks to Adguard.
Their pricing plans seem pretty cheap, and I like that they offer lifetime subscriptions. Many other apps only offer a monthly charge with no way to pay for a lifetime subscription. This is were Adguard shines. I also noticed that they often have sales for Adguard, like during black Friday and such. Adguard also offers competitive and fair regional pricing so those that live in poorer countries like Russia or south America can afford a lifetime license as well.
I have 4 days left on my trial license and I really want to continue to use the app so I have found that Adguard offers ways to get a license without purchasing one. I am in the long wait-list for beta testing the android app and they hook it up to your github so you can help improve the program. They also have programs such as writing a review about Adguard and I decided to write a review as well.
If you are looking for a good ad blocker for Android and are unable to root your phone and use Root aps like AdAway, then I highly recommend trying out the free Adguard trial on your android. If you like the app and are unable to purchase it they offer free ways to get a license and i highly recommend that you take advantage of these offers.
Download the trial for Adguard here
AdGuard for Windows
AdGuard for Mac
AdGuard for Android
Also you can earn money joining the Adguard affiliate program here