Additional Logon Information May Be Required Popup – Windows 7 using Pi-hole Fix

So I use pi-hole to block most ads at the router level with DNS, but this upsets windows 7 because it uses a DNS lookup to make sure we are not on a hotspot.

So even though I connect to my main internet I get this popup:

Here is how to fix this through the registry:

We can navigate to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetservicesNlaSvcParametersInternet, and then double-click the EnableActiveProbing, and change the Value date to 0.

So I think this happens because:
To be clever, Windows then performs a DNS lookup on its own website. The hotspot will resolve the address, even though it won’t let you access the site. In this case, Windows then concludes you are at such a hotspot and pops up the “additional log on information may be required” message.”
– And since Pi-hole is a DNS based ad block it breaks it much like a hotspot

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