Fixing Boldbeast recorder for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note8 doesn’t need root, it records calls loudly and clearly in two sides.

Although no root needed, you should disable the “KNOX” package in your phone, otherwise call recording doesn’t work. Thanks to Justin Patrick, he figured out these steps to make it work:

1. Install the wonderful app “BK Package Disabler (Samsung)” from Google Play store: BK Package Disabler (Samsung).

2. In the “BK Package Disabler (Samsung)” app, search “KNOX” to find the package, disable it.

3. Power off the device then power on it.  (Restarting will not work. Must power off then power on)

4. Install the latest version of Boldbeast Call Recorder (currently V9.8), use following settings to record calls:

– Record Mode: 1
– Record Format: MP3
– Tune Audio Effect: No
– Tune Audio Route: Group3
– Tune Samsung1: No
– Tune Samsung2: No
– Tune Samsung3: No

Now it records calls very well in two sides, without root.

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