How to Remove Lag/Hang from Windows 7 When upgrading RAM greater than 8 GB on HP ProBook 4540s (16 GB)

This is a workaround that worked for me.
It is not an official or supported solution.
I have used the laptop extensively in described configuration and did not have issues that i can relate to memory configuration.
Deducing 256 MB RAM from memory available to OS might eliminate the problem for some CPUs.
The solution works on:
– HP 4540s
– i5-2450M
– AMD/Intel switchable graphics
– 16 GB RAM
– Bios F.42
It might work for other CPUs.
Under Windows you should deduce 256 MB RAM, by using EasyBCD or similar tool.
Instructions for EasyBCD:
Under Advanced Settings/Developer set 256 under “MiB deducted from physical memory”, save settings and restart.
Under Linux, set “mem=17G” in kernel boot parameters (effectively deduces 256 MB).
Under Windows 7 and later, you may also use the following instead of EasyBCD:
bcdedit /set {current} removememory 256
(Execute the command in command prompt with administrative privileges and reboot).

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