How To Convert Audible .aax files with InAudible

This is just a very simple starters guide to converting .aax files to a single mp3 file.   I am hoping uploaders who use InAudible for more complex conversions will add their expertise to this thread.

Step 1
Load your .aax file by clicking the button beside the Audible Files search box and then directing it to where you have the audible download stored on your hard drive.  (Usually C:UsersPublicDocumentsAudibleDownloads) 

Step 2
Once the book has loaded set the Output type to mp3 and the Codec to 64k CBR. 

Click on the Edit Metadata button and replace the file name there for the title you want to see in your player list.  Remember to click Apply before you exit.

Step 3
Click on the Output file’s browse button and alter the file name if needed to the one you prefer. This is often desirable when uploading a series

Step 4
Click on the Begin Conversion button.
This is all you need to do to convert your Audible .aax file to a sharable mp3 file.  The next time you use InAudible your chosen preferences will be remembered

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