Nintendo DS ROM Patching Tutorial with xDelta

1. You will need a program called xDelta_GUI or other programs that can apply a patch.

For xDelta_GUI, I got it from this thread;

(Download link is in the second post by psycoblaster)

Or download it here;


– If the link there doesn’t work, please let me know.  I can upload the program somewhere else.

– It’s not necessary to use this program if you already have a program that can apply patch. But this tutorial will be based on xDelta_GUI. (I use Windows XP. Not sure if it works with different OS though.)

2. The program in the above link is in .zip format, so unzip it first. (Use winZip, winRAR, or 7Zip.)

3. In xDelta_GUI folder, double click xDelta_GUI.exe. The program should start and look like this.

4. Click “Select Patch” button and select the .patch file. (I plan to name the patch file like: Tokimemo1Test-20100115.patch where 20100115 will be changed according to the release date.)

5. Click “Select ROM” and browse to your clean Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side First Love Plus ROM. (The clean rom should be 256 MB.)

Note: The ROM must have file extension “.nds”. If you download it as a .rar or .zip, etc. You will have to properly extract the file (with Winzip, Winrar, 7z, etc. program.) first.

6. Click “Apply patch” button and wait for a while. (It might take a few minutes, depending on your computer’s speed.) This program will make a new copy of patched ROM with “_patched” at the end of the file name. The file size of the patched one will change too.

(Note: The file size can be slightly different from what is shown in the picture.)

Note: In case “Apply patch” doesn’t work, you can try moving your .patch file and your game ROM to the same folder as your XDeltaGui and repeat steps 4-6.

Note: (Thanks to Kona) About xdelta_GUI. Apparently it wouldn’t patch the file if there’s anything foreign inside the folder which has both the patch and .nds (plus the xdelta programs). Foreign as in the folder having the picture of the game.

7. The one with “_patched” will be the one with English translation. (Your original clean ROM will remain the same.)

Note: The file with “_patched” should be around 190 MB to 210 MB. If you got 0 kb, you probably did something wrong.

8. A tip from GBATemp user, Glaix, in case all the above method doesn’t work.

“I found out the only way I could patch it was with xdelta GUI and the components in thumb drive and patching it like that on my computer. I couldn’t patch it alone on my PC, but I could on my DS and on a thumb drive. If that helps anyone.”

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