Just Color Picker

Free portable color picker and color editor for web designers and digital artists.
Just Color Picker main window, compact mode Graphic designers, digital artists and web-designers tend to look at things differently. They see the arrangement and color scheme of things that mere mortals would just take for granted. Anything can be a piece of art or an inspiration, but it takes a discerning eye to really see it sometimes. While taking part in any computer routine, designers may see colors and color combinations that they would like to use in their projects. With Just Color Picker, identifying the colors, saving, editing and combining them into beautiful color combinations is a quick and simple job.
One of the main advantages of Just Color Picker is that it was created by a person who uses it on an everyday basis. It is a software for designers and digital artists created by a designer and digital artist.

Both zip and exe downloadable files are portable and identical. The zipped alternative is offered purely for the convenience of those who, for any reason, can’t download exe files.
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