How to add hyperlink between slides within PowerPoint

Method 1: Add hyperlink on text.
Method 2: Add invisible hyperlink between slides.
Method 1: Add hyperlink on text.
Step 1: Right click on the selected text and choose Hyperlink.


Step 2: The Insert Hyperlink window will pop up. Usually we will fill URL in the Address column here.


Step 3: For adding hyperlink between slides, you need to choose Place in This Document at the left and then select the destination slide.


By using invisible hyperlink, you can not only add hyperlink on text, but also on image or even put the hyperlink on any place of a slide.

Step 1: Add an Action Button. In the Insert tab, Illustrations section, find the Shapes. Choose the Action Button: Custom, the last one of the Action Buttons.


Step 2: Add hyperlink on the Action Button. Right click on the button and choose Hyperlink, and the Action Settingswindow will show up. In the Hyperlink to: section, choose Slideā€¦


Select the slide that you want to hyperlink to.


Step 3: Make the Action Button invisible. Right click on the Action Button and choose Format Shape and then choose No fill in both Fill and Line Color sections so that you will not see the button any more.


Tips: Remember the location where you put the invisible Action Buttons.

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