How to bypass T-Mobile’s anti-tethering policy

T-Mobile instituted a hotspot plan in 2010, but many users were never charged because of technical limitations with the software. Recently T-Mo has been blocking users, after receiving Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades, and redirecting them to a sales page telling them that they can purchase the feature for an additional $14.95 per month. If you’re a T-Mobile user and experiencing this, you can bypass it, and it’s not too difficult.
First of all this is what’s happening now:
Their filtering is based on HTTP user-agents. If your user-agent matches a known user-agent that is not android it
will reject the traffic. Now there are two problems with this,
A.) If an unknown userAgent is passed or No user agent, your traffic is accepted.
B.) There are a bazillion TCP protocols that do not have user-agents.
So off the bat with no user-agent spoofing, all protocols work except HTTP, including HTTPS, HTTPS works out of
box because of its encryption.
So how do you get around this? All you have to do is change your user agent profile. If you’re using Chrome, you can download this add on or this one for Firefox users. These will allow you to spoof your user-agent profile. If you’re using another Browser, just search for an appropriate plugin. After you’ve installed the plugin, just change your user-agent to Android XOOM for example and enjoy free tethering.

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