Creating a dummy plug for multiple GPUs that wont recognize in gminer

Here is how to make up a dummy plug for your card in about 30 seconds.

All you need are three 68 ohm resistors from RadioShack. They come in packs of 5 for a buck.

You will need the DVI-VGA adapter that ships with every GFX card, the resistors and a clipper. You could use scissors or a nail clipper, the wire is soft.

Bend one leg of the resistor around till it is parallel to the other then clip off the long leg so it is the same length as the bent leg.

The wire is just the right gauge to slide into the VGA plus securely.

Push it home. Note you want to bridge the top three pins on the right with the pins directly below one-to-one.. Hold the plug so the wide part is up top.

Alternate the resistors so the leg of one is against the body of another to avoid shorting out the jumpers.

And that is all there is to it. Start Folding on your second GPU 

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