How to run A Notepad/Wordpad (editor) On Bitdefender Linux (knoppix)

I was working on removing a bunch of viruses from an installation of windows XP and made a live bitdefender (which runs on knoppix) USB drive and booted into it. I was scared and rightfully paranoid to put the Windows XP box onto my network uncleansed, because I had made a backup copy of all the files that reside on the drive onto an external drive and scanned that on my main PC and found upwards to 40 infections. No need to allow a sentient infested XP box with active running infections access to my network to spread its vile disease.

So this distro has basic programs on it, but firefox is outdated and I wanted to play around on the internet and HTML 5 wasnt supported in this version of firefox… DOH !

So I tired to sudo apt-get update to update my repositories and I kept getting 404 errors and old versions of repos. So I researched and I found I needed to edit the File: /etc/apt/sources.list to an updated link association for the repos.

Problem was, I tried to use basic editors, emacs, vim, nano and none of them were installed. Tried to apt-get install them but ran into repo problems again.

I was at a loss as to how to edit this file, so I researched it and found out that XEDIT is the editor that is installed. Phew.

It was simple as opening a Terminal and entering xedit

A silly simple fix.

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