– Automated TF2 bots that scrap bank and trade items is a website that you can log in with steam to scrap bank items quickly through the many trade bots that the site offers. You can get in a queue to scrap-bank your weapons and it doesn’t matter what class each weapon is, just how many you trade. You can trade up to 200 items at once, giving you about 8 refined metal for all of those items. It is a good resource for idlers with TF2idle accounts to scrap all of their dropped weapons for a given week, or weeks if necessary. also has other trade bots that can bank items or even sell you items. There are hat trading bots, item trading bots, and even key trading bots. Keys can be bought for 4.44 refined as of right now. You could then use those keys to buy items from the item banking bot, which offers earbuds (buds), max’s severed heads, and bills, among other things.

Good luck fellow TF2ers.

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