Raspberry PI as a seedbox alternative storage with openVPN

  1. Believe it or not, seed box users are notorious about hit & running. They stick around for the initial swarm, and then seed for less than a month on that connection because hdd space is limited. This is where long seeding comes in for ‘natural’ seeders. The longest seeds are generally non box users. They may be a seed box user seeding from his home connection, but generally old seeds are natural.

    Seed for ages and upload fresh content.

You are right, we seed box users have to manage the HD space and that usually means having to delete older stuff to make room. This is the reason I added a raspberry pi at home with a 2TB drive for the sole purpose of long term seeding.

I use the the PI to augment my seedbox. My seedbox provider (Feral) offers openvpn as part of the service. By using the VPN both my seedbox and my PI have the same IP address so security is the same. The difference is, as others have already stated, speed. My home speed is nowhere near what my seedbox provides but it provides a lot more HD space for long term seeding. This is really handy on trackers that offer seeding bonuses.

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