Importing a LDD Lego Digital Designer Model into BrickLink

The LDD Manager – a tool I’ve been working on for some time. With it you can analyze and manage your LDD files, and also to upload to BrickLink. There’s also a bunch of other features, like a possibility to search and find all the bricks in LDD Extended Mode, and generate custom Brick Palettes.

UPDATE March 2013: The latest version is now 1.13 with support for LDD 4.3.5. If you have a previous version, you should download the new version. NOTE, installing a new version will remove your previously imported LDD-files, but hopefully it’s not too much work to import them again.

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Note that this software requires MS Access 2003 or higher. If you don’t have it installed on your PC, you need to download and install the free Access 2003 runtime first. Read more in the link below.

Download LDD Manager and help file here.

By Superkalle

I used this to take models and then export an XML file formatted for bricklink.
Works good. 

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