Fallout Online client (FOnline:2238)

This FOnline:2238 client is pre-configured by me, which makes it easier to run.
Try it if you have a problem with “official” client. I also recommend it for any new player.

» download FOnline:2238 client « 

Installation instructions

  • Download and unzip the file FOnline2238.zip
  • Copy master.dat and critter.dat into data folder OR run FO2238Config.exe and in DataFiles
    tab specify paths to master.dat and critter.dat.


  • Where can I get master.dat and critter.dat from?
  • These files are part of Fallout 2.
    To get them you can buy Fallout 2 on gog.com as well as in many other places.
  • OK, I have both dat files, paths are set up correctly, but I still can’t run FOnline!
  • Run Updater.exe. Try both FOnline.exe and FOnlineGL.exe.
    If it still doesn’t work, this thread is the best place to look for help.
This client is preconfigured version of the official client. I prepare it by hand, so sometimes it may
be out-of-date. In such case simply run updater. If updater doesn’t work, you can get the files you
need individually from http://fonline2238.net/update/.

The official client can be downloaded from http://fonline2238.net/files/FOnline2238_Client.zip.
It’s updated automatically every hour, but more difficult to set up compared to my release.

Full list of differences between my release and official release
 – Added file Readme.txt with information about Master.dat and Critter.dat.
 – Added folder Manual with link to FOnline wiki.
 – Added file FOnline.cfg (so you don’t have to run FOConfig.exe), differences compared to
default configuration:

  • English language instead of Russian
  • Running is enabled by default
  • Fixed FPS is set to -15 instead of 100
  • Server host and port is configured properly
  • Updater paths are configured properly

– Added file FOnline2238.cfg (so you don’t have to run FO2238Config.exe unless you want to
have Master.dat and Critter.dat outside of data folder), differences compared to default configuration:

  • Displaying player names enabled

– Added file DataFiles2238.cfg with default paths to Master.dat and Critter.dat pointing to data folder.




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