Romextract is a collection of software for *nix systems (especially Linux).
Collectively, the programs can be used to extract ROMs from WAD files of Wii
Virtual Console games. These ROMs can be played on popular emulators for the
NES, SNES, TurboGrafx16/PC-Engine, Genesis, Master System, and Nintendo 64.


The programs that comprise romextract were written by various authors:
u8it - icefire (see
wadunpacker - BFGR, based on Zeventig by Segher
romc - Jurai, based on LZSS code by Haruhiko Okumura
ccfextract - Plombo
nes_rom_extract - Plombo


Use wadunpacker to unpack each WAD file. In the extracted file, you will find
multiple ".app" files. The most important ones are:
* - For NES games, run nes_rom_extract on this file to extract the
* - This is a U8 archive that can be extracted by u8it. It
contains several important files, depending on the type of game:
* html.arc OR emanual.arc OR man.arc - a U8 archive (extract it with u8it)
containing the HTML files for the game manual
* [TITLE].rom - for SNES games, this is a version of the ROM with messed-up
sound. There *might* be another file that is the original ROM with
correct sound, with the same name (referred to here as [TITLE]) but a
different extension.
* rom - for N64 games, if there is a file simply called "rom" with no
extension, it is the game ROM.
* romc - for N64 games, if there is a file called "romc", it is a compressed
version of the game ROM. In most cases, it can be uncompressed by the
"romc" utility included with romextract. Otherwise, there's not much you
can do.
* data.ccf - for Genesis and Master System games, this is an archive
containing the game ROM and possibly some other stuff. Extract it with
the "ccfextract" utility included with romextract.


For now, I've just written a simple shell script to compile all of the programs.
Just run the shell script "" to compile. You will need gcc, zlib1g-dev,
and libssl-dev.

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