How to Survive on Private Trackers With a Low Upload Speed

1 – Leave your PC running for as long as you can :
Let’s assume you have  the low upload speed of 50 kb/s , and you will keep your PC running for 20 hours daily , do you know how much will you seed ?

Let’s do the math :   50 x 60 x 60 x 20 = 4320000 kb = 4.12 GB 

Not bad at all , right ? that means an average of 123.6 GB monthly , with only 50 kb/s upload speed !

2 – Grab freeleech torrents : 

Freeleech torrents don’t count towards your download and counts to towards your upload , and this includes 2 strategies :
a. Grab fresh freeleech torrents because those get lots of seeders , and don’t affect your download meter .
b. Prefer freeleech to other torrents . If you’re looking for a movie then check on multiple trackers maybe you can find it freeleech on one of them . Even if you found the format you want as a normal torrent and another close format in freeleech , grab the freeleech .
3 – Cross-seed :
You must understand first , what is cross-seeding ? 
Cross-seeding is the process of downloading files from one tracker ( or having the file in any way )  and then use it to seed the same torrent on one or more private trackers .
How is this helpful ?
a. If you already have the file , download the .torrent from the tracker you want to seed at , chose the path of the file and let it check . In a minute it will start seeding without costing you any download count .
b. When a fresh popular torrent is out  , download it from a public tracker and seed it on all your private tracker that have that file . That’s another way to raise upload without affecting download .
c. Many trackers give bonus on the size of torrents you’re seeding , so you can cross-seed to get more bonus to buy upload credit , but we’ll get to that later .
But make sure to read the rules of the tracker before cross-seeding as it’s not allowed on some trackers .

4- Limit the number of trackers you use :
Don’t seed torrents on trackers you never use . It’s a waste of your precious upload speed to keep seeding on trackers you barely or never use . Focus on one general tracker ( preferably IPTorrents  or TorrentDay ) and a couple of other tracker for your interests . For example TehConnection if you’re interested in movies that can’t be found on usual general trackers , or Freshon if you’re interested in TV . Always search for everything first on that private tracker , since it’s much easier to build ratio there .
Don’t go around looking for trackers , you don’t need just to try them , make priorities and stick to them .
Also don’t use trackers that are hard to seed on , such as BitMe or Karagarga .

5 – Use bonus points :
Many tracker have a bonus points system that , in most cases , can be traded for upload credit . Some tracker use a system that gives bonus according to your total seeding size or every torrent’s size on it’s own . That’s when you use cross-seeding as explained above .
Other trackers use a system that give bonus according to number of seeding torrents and here comes the easiest trick in torrenting ! Just browse torrents and sort them by size from smaller files to bigger files . Download as much as you can from the smallest torrents and keep seeding them and getting lots of bonus ! easy ,  right ?

6 – Download smaller formats and versions :
If you find it hard to maintain a good ratio then don’t download huge files unless it’a a freeleech .  You can always find a smaller version of that file . If it’s an HD movie , you don’t have to download it in 1080 quality , 720 or 480 would be better . If you can avoid HD and watch it in XviD format then it would be much better . Use same strategy with games , today every popular game can be found ripped or repacked in less than half of it’s original size . Same thing goes for music , you don’t have to download .flac files unless you’re a freaking DJ ! and even if you are then 320 kb/s CBR or V0 VBR is more than enough .
Don’t download packs unless you’re willing to watch every movie or play every game in it , unless it’s freeleech off course .

7 – Donate to trackers :
Doesn’t seem like the best option if you’re going to get 10 GB upload credit for 10$ !
But on some trackers , you will get a VIP membership for donating and VIP members are immune to ratio rules .
For example , if you love games donate 20$ to BitGamer and get a VIP membership so you can download without worrying about ratio even if you don’t seed anything .

8 – Upload :
Maybe it’s weird to find a tip telling you to upload when you’re looking for a solution for low upload speed , but in the matter if fact it’s a good option . You see , if you’re not good with seeding then uploading files that you already have would help you a get upload credit , and even bonus points on some trackers ! at least you can be sure you will get upload credit greater than size of the file .

9 – Use ratio-less trackers :
Ratio-less trackers are those trackers that don’t care for ratio , but you have to seed your torrents for a fixed time ( usually 72 hours in one week ) and you can download as much as you can as long as you don’t hit and run ( stop seeding before seeding time is complete ) .

Most popular ratio-less trackers you can use :

General :
GFT – One of the best trackers ever with amazing speeds and content . Hard to get into .
FTN – May sound like a less probable option since it’s very hard to get an invite to it .
PreToMe – The best option in general ratio-less trackers . Said to be really close to GFT and easier to get .
AlphaOmega – A good tracker with nice content and pre-times .
FYT – An upcomming ratio-less tracker . 

Movies :
PTN : the best choice , with a great content and good speeds , the most famous ratio-less movie tracker is a must-have if you don’t have a good upload speed . It’s not easy to join PTN , but they open application every now and then .
TheSwarm : A nice movie tracker with a nice tight community , but if you’re a movie maniac then it won’t work for you .

Games :
PWN Network : the one and only ratio-less games tracker . Mostly Nintendo and others consoles games , but it’s not like you have many options .

Music :
Libble : It’s not ratio-less in total but they use a weird system called ” Share Rank ” that is based on snatches , number of seeding torrents and ratio where a very high or very low ratio is not good .
Note that MP3 Scene is not ratio-less but there only one third of your download is counted so it’s a good choice .

TV Shows :
BTN : The best TV tracker ever , whatever you say is not enough to describe this great tracker .
Hard to get into , but sadly it’s the only ratio-less TV tracker .

10 – Get a seedbox :
The best option . You can get a seedbox for on month for a low price of 10-15$ and use it to buffer all of your accounts enough for a year or even more .
Using a seedbox you can use a seedbox to make a buffer of 2 TB on IPTorrents or 5 TB on TorrentDay in one month !
I would recommend getting a seedbox right away , that would save you time and effort .

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