How to play GameCube games off a USB HDD.

You will need:
-An SD Card
-Wii Mote
-GameCube Controller
-A Wii with Homebrew Channel installed
-A GameCube iso

Download Links:
USB Loader:…e+DownloadCount
USB Loader Mod: http://www.mediafire…b545893im623q25
DIOS MIOS v2.0 or newer:
EaseUS: http://download.cnet…4-10863346.html
MMM: http://www.4shared.c…od-Manager.html


1.) Download the USB Launcher easy installer from the Download List above. Run the easy installer in the folder, put it on your SD Card.

2.) Download the USB Loader mod. Open the zip file. Choose the folder with your right IOS. Extract the boot.dol to SD:appsusbloader_gx

3.) Download the DIOS MIOS v2.0 wad. Move it to the root folder of your SD card, or for easier installation put it in a folder on the root titled ‘wad’. Also download and put MMM in your ‘apps’ folder.

4.) Download DiskEx and put the zip contents on your Desktop, along with your iso. (To get a backup, use CleanRip.)

5.) Drag n’ Drop the iso into DiskEx. It will create a folder on your Desktop. It will create a folder named after the game id. So to you, it’s random letters and numbers.

7.) Download and Install EaseUS Partition master, and open it. Find your HDD, and right click it, and select ‘format’ Format it as FAT32 with 32KB Clusters. *DONT IGNORE! Press OK, and then “Apply” .

8.) Look at your empty HDD, and make a ‘games’ folder. Put the Folder with the Game ID in there.

1.) Plug in your HDD in USB Slot 0. Turn on your Wii. Launch Homebrew Channel. Then launch MMM.

2.) Choose WAD Manager on the menu and install DIOS MIOS v2.0.wad

3.) After you’re done, exit MMM. Launch USB Launcher GX.

4.) Go to Settings, and on Page 2, select Custom Paths.

5.) Make the Path for Main GameCube Games “usb1:games”

6.) Go to your menu, and select the Button on top that shows a menu that has Check Boxes saying GameCube, Wii, NAND, and EmuNAND. Choose GameCube, and any other you want to display.

7.) Choose a game and press Start, then choose ‘Launch from USB’.

Congratulations! You can now play GC games from your USB HDD. This only works if you have a Disc in the Wii Disc Drive. Thanks to Cyan for the modified USB Loader.


Follow steps 3-7 in the COMPUTER guide above. 


1.) Follow steps 1 & 2 on the guide above.
2.) Install DIOS MIOS using MMM.
3.) Launch CFG USB Loader.
4.) Click the icon with tools on it
5.) Set “DML Version” to DM.
6.) Launch your game!

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