Hiding Facebook Sidebar Ticker with AdBlock

As usual, Facebook introduced a few interface changes that most users have found unnecessary or worse, annoying.  Fortunately, for those of us who use good browsers such as Chrome or Firefox, we have AdBlock at our disposal.  AdBlock (and AdBlock Plus) block common ads on many web pages.  Fortunately, we are able to block additional page elements ourselves.  Enter the two following lines in AdBlock Plus (code courtesy Facecrooks website):
Remember to save your filter changes, then reload the page to view without the annoying tickers.
If you want to take this even further, I created two filters that will eliminate the entire distracting righthand sidebar, including the ads and “suggestions” Facebook offers!  In AdBlock, enter this as two separate lines in your custom filter list:
Save your changes, reload your Facebook page, and that righthand sidebar should be gone!
Here is another snippet you can use in AdBlock to remove that chat tab at the bottom of your screen.  Be aware, however, that this will no longer give you an indication that you are signed into chat (although I stay logged out at all times anyway)…
facebook.com##div[class="fbDock clearfix"]
Again, remember to save your changes, and reload the page.

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