How to Remove Unwanted Items from Addressbar History in Windows Explorer?

Recently a visitor asked us how can he remove unwanted items from the drop-down box of Windows Explorer addressbar? We are sure many of you also want to know the same. Whenever we open a path using Explorer addressbar, its automatically stored in the history and anyone can see it by clicking on the addressbar drop-down arrow.
You can follow these simple steps to remove unwanted items from Windows Explorer address bar history:
1. Type regedit in RUN dialog box and press Enter. It’ll open Registry Editor.
2. Now go to following key:
In right-side pane, you’ll see various String values with the name url1url2url3 and so on. Their value will be set to the path which you see in addressbar drop-down history.
3. You just need to delete the String value which contains the path which you want to remove from addressbar history list. e.g. if you want to remove the 4th item “C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindows” from history, then delete the “url4” String value.
4. That’s it. Now the deleted path will no longer appear in Explorer addressbar history.
PS: If you want to clear the whole history, you can right-click on the addressbar in Windows Explorer and select “Delete history” option.

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