Been working on this for a few months now. Started off as a [1] command line tool to streamline the process of starting up TF2 idling accounts which then evolved into a GUI tool because I wanted to learn how to write a GUI program in Python.
TF2Idle is an open source GUI for managing idle accounts in TF2. What it is is a fancier way of starting up TF2 accounts in sandboxes with arguments. It is nothing more complicated than using .bat files. For idling on multiple accounts at the same time it requires [2] Sandboxie. What it is not is a tool that modifies or circumvents the game or Steam in any way.
It can handle many accounts, it can handle sandboxes (terminating, emptying and experimental support for automatically creating and deleting them on the fly) and it can log item drops in an easy to use interface.

You can find the source code [4] here and a precompiled exe can be found on the [5] downloads page.
Hopefully the program is self explanatory but I will be expanding the readme soon. I will be also adding more features in the coming weeks. If you use it please let me know of any bugs/criticisms/problems.
  • Any plans for an Mac version?
    Unlikely I’m afraid. Sandboxie doesn’t work on OSX afaik and I am not familiar with the OS at all so I wouldn’t know how to start the game and such. The program will work in OSX though as Python is platform compatible, but a lot of the code will need to be rewritten.
  • How do I get an API key?
    Visit [6] and read the terms and conditions before signing up.
  • I get an error when trying to launch TF2 through the program
    Make sure you have correctly entered the relevant paths to Steam.exe and the like correctly in settings.
Version history
Version 1.3.0
  • Added option to launch any program sandboxed for each account
  • Added option to define per account launch parameters
  • Increased max account delay to 10 minutes
  • Drop log now shows crate series
  • Removed restriction on what filetype logs can be saved as
  • Added alphabetical ordering in groups dialog
  • Fixed bug with account launch delay where some accounts would fail to launch
  • Fixed Sandboxie errors when deleting the contents of too many sandboxes at once
Version 1.1.1
  • Fixed bug with saving drops to log file
  • Changed an icon
Version 1.1.0
  • Added option to add delay between account launches
  • Added option to modify drop log output file formatting
  • Tweaked update gcf icon
  • Added progress icons for gcf updating
  • Fixed bug with changing multiple account sandbox names
Version 1.0.0
  • Initial release

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